Why Online Casino Clubs are Great for Fun and Gamble | Top 3 fad games that were famous in Gclub
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Top 3 fad games that were famous in Gclub

Top 3 fad games that were famous in Gclub

Fad is an intense trend in Gclub that starts and fade over times. The trend is so strong that people buy or play that thing over and over again. This is commonly evident in songs and games. Some challenges like ASL ice bucket challenge, 100 layers of lipstick challenge, Kylie Jenner lip challenge are all part of the trends that faded over time. Similar to this there are games that were Fad and after sometime they were no longer famous.

Angry bird

When angry bird was first introduced it was all over internet, people were not only playing game but also they were buying toys, cushions and even stationary. All these things were considered as a trend, at that time YouTubers were playing angry bird as well as bloggers were writing about the tricks to master the game. Soon manufacturers jumped into this trend and they started making everything with the logo of angry bird. The trend soon faded and now you don’t see angry bird anymore. In the game the player had to shoot the birds like a stone and as a result they had to knock down the building.

Flappy bird

After angry bird flappy bird was the next big thing. It is single player game which means if you are getting bored or you are free while traveling you can play flappy bird. It was a stress reliever, with beautiful colors and graphics, making it popular for every age group. From children to adults everyone loved flappy bird. The graphics were interesting and very attractive. The worst thing was that it was very difficult and frustrating and in order to relive the stress people use to smash hard on the screen. This is stress provoking and stress relieving at the same time. Many people even broke their phone while playing, no matter what flappy bird was defiantly one of the best games, but we don’t see it anymore.

Pokémon go

When Pokémon go was released it was all over the place, with the 90s classic cartoons everyone already knew about the Pokémon go. So when it was first released it was all over the internet, people were going crazy, not only they were playing it but it was even reported people were going out specially to play the game. Where many of the people considered it a big step promoting physical health many other considered it completely useless. This game soon faded and now we don’t see anyone playing it, we don’t even know if people play it anymore.